Thursday, 16 April 2015

How Does Puppet Work ?

Puppet Master:

This machine contains all the configuration for different hosts. 
Puppet master will run as a daemon on this master server.

Puppet Agent: 

This is the daemon that will run on all the servers, which are to be managed using puppet.
Puppet agent will go and ask the configuration for itself from the puppet master server 
at a specific time interval.

  • Puppet agent is a daemon that runs on all the client servers. 
  • The connection between puppet agent and master is made in a secure encrypted channel with the help of SSL.
  • 30 minutes is the default interval when puppet agent daemon will go and fetch config data from puppet master.

Steps involved whenever a puppet agent of any node connects to a puppet master server :

Step 1: Whenever a client node connects to the master, the master server analyses the
 configuration to be applied to the node, and how to apply that configs on the node.
Step 2: Puppet master server Takes and collects all the resources and configurations 
to be applied to the node, and compiles it and make it a catalog. This catalog is given 
to the puppet agent of the node.
Step 3: Puppet agent will apply the configuration on the node, according to the catalog, 
and then reply back, and submit the report of the configuration applied to the puppet master server.