Wednesday, 28 December 2011

NTP server Overview


NTP (Network Time Protocol) provides accurate and syncronised time across the Internet. This introductory article will try to show you how to use NTP to control and synchronize your system clock.

Sample ntp.conf configuration file






     driftfile /etc/ntp/drift

     #multicastclient  # listen on default

     #broadcastdelay  0.008

     authenticate no

     #keys           /etc/ntp/keys

     #trustedkey     65535

     #requestkey     65535

     #controlkey     65535

     # by default ignore all ntp packets

     restrict mask ignore

     # allow localhost

     restrict mask

     # accept packets from...

     restrict mask

     restrict mask

     restrict mask

Configuration on Unix


One of the quickest commands to verify that ntpd is still up and running as desired is ntpq -p. That command will show all peers used and configured together with their corner performance data.

# ntpq -p

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