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Red Hat Certifications Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Red Hat Certifications
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




Your question like this: ?


I wanna take the RHCSA exam in RHEL 6. I read exam has 2 parts. And I have some questions about exam.

1. Do they take the exam in one day or 2 days?
2. How many questions come in theoretical part?
3. How many minutes for 1 question?
4. How long (for example how many pages) instructions come in practical part?
5. How many computers do they provide for exam?
6. In RHEL installation part, what is the facility like?
7. In RHEL troubleshooting part, what do they provide? Usually how many computers do they give to one person?
8. While you were taking the exam, did any physical hardware issues happen?
9. I am going to take an exam in Linux Learning Center in Bangalore. If you had taken the exam in this place, how did it continue? Any advice?

If I did not mention another necessary things, please tell me.

1.the RHCSA exam has time limit of 3 hrs.
2,3.the time you take depends upon your talent
4.the question may of 3-4 paragraphs
5.1 PC per 1 student minimum of 8 members are required to conduct the exam
6,7.For every practical only 1 PC is given through which you should crack the password,configure the network so that u receive the paper it generally takes 30-45 mins.
8.There will be no such things as the examiner would check each & everything before he conducts the exam
9.i haven't given my exam there,anyway don't turn your head unnecessarily,the redhat examiners are very strict in conducting the exam.
If you are found guilty or if he suspects you he might fail you in exam. Don't worry All The Best.
over view:
RHCSA came into existence after the launching of RHEL 6. Before that it was RHCT. The RHCSA course consist of two book. SA1(EX 124) and SA2(EX 135). If you take the third book, that is SA3(EX 255) you can write the RHCE exam as well.
RHCSA exam is for 2 and a half hour. This is a performance based exam. Details on questions cannot be given. I have not written a RHCSA exam but have written RHCT exam and also RHCE. There are a lot more topics in RHCSA than RHCT.

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