Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mac Osx : how to make finder quit in Mountain LionPost title

You can quit the Mac OS X Finder in a few different ways, the fastest way is to just launch the Terminal and type the following at the command line:
killall Finder
This will kill the Finder which will then automatically relaunch.

Force Quit the Finder

Another easy way to quit the Finder is to use Force Quit, which is accessible by hitting Command+Option+Escape to bring up a Force Quit dialog box. From here, just select Finder and then click ‘relaunch’ which will reload the Finder.

How do I get the Quit Finder menu?

Another way to Quit the Finder is to enable the hidden menu item within the Finder menu itself. To enable this menu feature you’ll want to launch the Terminal and enter the following commands:
defaults write QuitMenuItem -bool YES
After that command is executed, you will want to kill the Finder so that it reloads with the new “Quit Finder” menu option enabled:
killall Finder
Now that you’re all done, you’ll have a “Quit Finder” menu item within the Finder menu itself.
force quit finder

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