Monday, 16 July 2012

Linux Real Time Issues 4

i want to reinstall ubuntu completely but i have my data on my second internal drive. if i reinstall ubuntu on my first internal drive will i have to reformat my second internal drive where all the data is stored? 

You should always back up your important data before you install Linux (or any other operating system), just in case a bug in the installer or an error on your part causes the wrong disk to get modified. I use an external hard drive and one of the web-based backup services ( SpiderOak, CrashPlan, etc... ) to back up my stuff. You can also get a relatively cheap USB flash drive and put your data on that, if your data is small enough to fit on it.

You don't need to reformat or reinstall anything on the second hard drive. When you go through the Ubuntu 12.04 installer, on the screen "Allocate drive space" it will have, if I remember correctly, three options "Install Ubuntu 12.04 alongside (other operating systems)", "Erase and use the entire disk", and "Something else". Choose the "Something else" option. In the next screen it will list your hard drives. Select the disk partition where the Ubuntu operating system and programs (but not your files) is currently installed and click the "Change" button. Unless you're doing something unusual, select ext4 for the filesystem and "/" for the mount point, and check the box for "reformat the partition". Accept the changes. Then click "Install Now" and go through the rest of the installer. As long as you selected the correct partition Ubuntu 12.04 will be completely reinstalled and your own files will be left alone.

Good luck.


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